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At Resolution Medical, we have developed a long-term partnership with Carbon3D to offer our customers unique manufacturing opportunities utilizing Carbon's CLIP technology and materials below.

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Best-in-class, 3D printable materials for producing real, functional parts. These materials uniquely combine excellent mechanical characteristics, biocompatibility, high resolution, and exceptional surface quality into isotropic parts ready for real-world products.

RPU 70

RPU 70 Carbon Additive Manufacturing
  • RPU 70 is stiff and strong, with ultimate tensile strength of 40 mPA

  • Biocompatible & Sterilizable

  • Used across a wide range of industries, including consumer products, automotive, and industrial

  • UL 94 HB flame resistance classification

  • Comparable to medical-grade ABS

MPU 100

Carbon MPU100 Resin Additive Manufacturing Medical Device Handle
  • MPU 100 is Carbon’s first medical-grade material, designed to help medical product manufacturers accelerate product development cycles and improve the quality of their products 

  • The material offers a unique combination of biocompatibility, sterilizability, and durability, in addition to engineering-grade mechanical properties, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance

  • Comparable to medical-grade ABS


CE 221

  • CE 221 is perfect for applications that need long term thermal stability

  • Excellent heat deflection temperature of 230C, strength, and stiffness, especially for fluid routing

  • CE 221 is comparable to glass-filled nylon

EPX 82

  • EPX 82 is a high-strength engineering material with excellent long-term durability and mechanical properties comparable to lightly glass-filled thermoplastics (e.g. 20% GF-PBT, 15% GF-Nylon)

  • Heat deflection temperature of 130°C and the functional toughness required for a variety of automotive and industrial applications such as connectors, brackets, and housings

RPU 130

  • RPU 130 is strong, tough, and heat resistant

  • Composed of 30% Susterra® propanediol, a bio-based material that combines performance and sustainability

  • Impact resistance of 76 J/m

  • Heat deflection temperature of 119 °C 

  • Comparable to an unfilled thermoplastic like nylon and polypropylene

FPU 50

  • FPU 50 is an impact, abrasion, and fatigue resistant semi-rigid material

  • Good choice for parts that must withstand repetitive stresses such as living hinges or friction fits

  • FPU 50 is mechanically comparable to polypropylene

UMA 90

  • UMA 90 is a one-part rigid resin similar to conventional SLA resins

  • Available in white, black, grey, cyan, yellow, and magenta colors that may be mixed freely to your specification before printing

  • As a one-part resin, UMA 90 it can be printed quickly and cheaply to prove out designs or to make production parts for applications with less-demanding requirements 

  • It is well suited for producing manufacturing jigs, fixtures, and general purpose prototypes

KeySplint Soft Clear™️ 

  • Utilized in Resolution Medical Nasopharyngeal Swab Production

  • Translucent and flexible

  • Biocompatible and Sterilizable

  • KeySplint is designed exclusively for the Carbon platform for efficient, high-quality, high-speed splint production for dental applications

  • Produces final product with unparalleled detail and precision that is not brittle and has high stain and abrasion resistance

  • Not brittle, unlike most other splint materials for 3D printing

  • Fracture and abrasion resistant

Capabilities: Products


Carbon 3D printing additive manufacturing medical device M2 CLIP
  • Six Carbon M2 Printers with expansion capacity for up to twenty

  • Redundant Smart Washers and Thermal Curing Ovens

  • 3 shift operation for maximum efficiency

  • Full Traceability for Medical Device and Component Manufacturing

  • Many Biocompatible & Sterilizable Materials (Below)

  • Significant post processing and inspection capabilities including Zeiss CMM

EPU 40

Carbon EPU40 resin lattice structure additive manufacturing
  • EPU 40 offers a combination of tear strength, energy return, and elongation making it perfect for impact absorption, vibration isolation, gaskets, and seals

  • A good choice for applications where high elasticity and tear resistance are needed

  • Biocompatible & Sterilizable

  • Comparable to commercial TPUs with a Shore A hardness of 68

SIL 30

Carbon SIL 30 Resin Watch Band Medical Device Additive Manufacturing
  • SIL 30 is a silicone urethane with a 350% elongation at break

  • First additive material to offer a unique combination of biocompatibility, low durometer, and tear-resistance

  • Biocompatible & Sterilizable

  • This material opens up the ability to print customized applications for comfortable skin contact products such as headphones, wristbands, and various attachments for wearables

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