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Cardiac BioSimulation

Visualize device delivery and deployment of your cardiovascular device in a pressurized heart with realistic hydrodynamics, heart wall movement and heart valve opening and closing behavior.

Closely assess functionality, implantability, and operability

Intuitive real-time images from inside the heart

Unmatched training and R&D opportunities

The Cardiac BioSimulator, a technology of Lifetec Group, connects a cadaveric heart to fluid circulation that consists of a preload system that provides venuous pressure to the atrium and a Windkessel afterload system that allows tuning of arterial pressures. An external pump actuates the heart, while computer-controlled stroke volume is provided to the ventricle via cannule to generate cardiac output.

Vascular add-ons can provide relevant access pathways into the heart to simulate device delivery. Our team has extensive experience in direct trans-apical, trans-aortic, venous and transseptal delivery methods for cardiac devices.

Featuring direct endoscopic video, the Cardiac BioSimulator offers intuitive real-time imaging from inside the heart. Clearly see device positioning and how it interacts with internal cardiac tissue structures. Highly detailed video allows for prototyping studies as well as training new clinical users on procedures.

The platform is compatible with clinical imaging modalities. 3D ultrasound and fluoroscopy are available in-house and the CBS can be adapted to CT and MRI imaging if needed. 

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