At Resolution Medical, we continue to invest in cutting edge technologies to support our Customer needs.  Below is an overview of our primary capabilities.  If you don't see what you are looking for please talk to us and we can discuss investments to support you.


Class I, II, III Devices

Assembly & Sub-Assembly
Sterile Kitting
Sterile Packaging
Product Labeling
Multiple 5,000+ sqft certified Class 10,000 areas
Receiving & Final Inspection


Carbon 3D Additive Manufacturing

6 Carbon CLIP M2 Printers
Expansion capacity for up to 20
2 shift operation
Flexible & Rigid Polyurethane based Resins
Biocompatible & Sterilizable 
Post processing
Inspection with Zeiss CMM.


Finished Devices & Components

Multi-Catheter Systems

Valve Delivery & Repair

Stent Delivery Systems

Steerable Technologies

Tipping and Over-molding

Handle Design & Assembly

Rail/Guide Systems

Vertical and Horizontal Reflow


Variety of Implantable Class III Devices

Cardiac Pacing and ICD Leads
Implantable Pulse Generators
Ventricular Assist Devices 
Total Artificial Hearts
Drivelines for VAD and TAH
Team of very experienced engineers in implantables.


Zeiss O-Inspect

Together with ZEISS CALYPSO, ZEISS O-INSPECT opens up entirely new dimensions of visualization. You see the actual status, nominal display and deviations simultaneously, making it particularly easy to properly allocate and interpret the measuring results.


UL Certified

Dedicated certified area for electronic device manufacturing, testing, and inspection


Laser Cut Medical Components

Femto Laser Cutter
ILT 8630 Versa with Femto Laser
Complex and Unique design and manufacturing
Electropolish finishing
Multiple materials (Nitinol, Stainless, etc..)
Led by 25+ year degreed Welding Engineer


Laser Welding
Resistance Welding
Ultrasonic Welding

Fusion of many materials - metals and plastics
Class I, II, III devices and components
Hermetic Enclosure Capabilities
Led by 25+year experienced Welding Engineer


Injection Molding

Vertical Injection Molding
Horizontal Injection Molding
Most Thermoplastic Materials
Led by 30+year experienced Molding Engineer


Steeger Horizontal 32 Carrier Braiders

Many Wire Types, Sizes and Materials

Ability to overbraid rigid or solid mandrels which enables processing of discrete length pieces & reel to reel production.

Motion controlled machines enable operators to automatically configure pick count, segment length and speed. This enables developing product with designed flexibility, stiffness, kink resistance, improved torque response, and radial / hoop strength. Carrier design, which unrolls wire from a horizontally placed bobbin, enables braiding the most tension sensitive materials without rolling or twisting.


RothGreaves Coil Winder

Mini-winders  are the perfect machine for most precision or medical coil winding applications.
The manual coil winder is a versatile, robust system capable of winding all profiles of wire (round, square, flat, rectangle) in diameters as small as 0.0005” in both metal or plastic. It will also coil coated wire (i.e. PTFE, Urethane, Tungsten, Gold). The manual coil winder is the perfect machine for transferring reinforcing wire on to catheter devices.


Internal and External

Product Testing (Internal)

Tensile Testing, Cyclic Fatigue Testing

Catheter / Dilator Standards (ISO 10555, ISO 11070)

Luer Fitting Standards (ISO 80639)

Stimulation Lead Standards (ISO 14708, EN45502)

Water Bath Simulated Use Testing

Anatomical model sourcing and development

Packaging Testing (Internal) - Seal Strength (ASTM F88-15), Label Indelibility (ASTM F2252-13), Dye Penetration

External Testing Partners

Stent / NiTi Structures (G. Rau, Machine Solutions, Medical Device Testing Services)

FEA (Engage MDS, Exponent, Quartus)

SEM (Materials Evaluation and Engineering, Inc)

MRI compatibility (Frank Shellock – MRI Safety)

Biocompatibility (Wuxi Apptec, APS)

Sterilization (Steris)

Accelerated Aging and Distribution (DDL) 

Preclinical (APS, IMMR, Karolinska, NAMSA, etc...)


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