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CustomCath NOW

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Complex Catheter Sub-Assembly, Component Prototyping to Manufacturing

Resolution Medical has developed a RAPID prototyping platform called CustomCath NOW.


From your initial inquiry to holding a functional prototype in your hand as soon as 3 business days...Now that is FAST!

Leverage our highly skilled & experienced catheter engineers, CathCAD™ software, and our CustomCath NOW process to help you proof out and evolve your catheter design concepts in record time.

Resolution Medical's CustomCath NOW process delivers SPEED through:

  1. Off-the-shelf tools and materials from our Materials Matrix,

  2. Being vertically integrated so we can control cost, time, and quality

  3. Investing in internal systems that provide traceability & control that are customized to differentiate between finished device systems and complex sub-assembly components.

  4. Determine scope of your prototype

    • Basic catheter shaft​

    • Complex catheter shaft

    • 3D Printed catheter handle & internal component

Step 1: Determine scope of prototype,

Step 2: Reference Material Matrix for ​what is available,

Step 3: Click on                                to initiate your order. 

How to Get Started:

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