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A True Extension of Our Customer’s Team: Revitalized Vision Shapes The Future of Resolution Medical

Over the past several months, the Resolution Medical leadership team has been considering the future of the organization. These conversations have led to new revitalized mission and vision statements that will guide our business forward.


Resolution Medical’s purpose is to fulfill our customer’s mission.

Vision Statement

Resolution Medical, through empowered personnel, compelling culture, and relentless commitment to our customer, is positioned to be a true extension of our customers team and partner in their success.

Mission Statement

Resolution Medical’s mission is to improve lives through collaborative innovation with our customers. With our experienced associates, we quickly transform ideas into reality, solving the most complex problem . We believe our exceptional level of integrity, transparency, and personal approach will result in the highest level of quality, customer satisfaction, and employee fulfillment.

We interviewed Resolution Medical CEO Dave Blaeser on the inspiration behind these refreshed statements and the future of the company.

How does this revised vision position Resolution Medical for the future business landscape?

Fulfilling our customers' mission really is at the very core of everything we do. These statements solidify what we are working towards as an organization. For us to move forward, everyone needs to be pulling their oars in the same direction.

As we’ve doubled in size over the last two years, I’m sure there are some Associates within our organization that are not as familiar with the mission as they need to be. These statements will really drive decisions for our organization — both big-picture and day-to-day.

What is the importance of being committed partners with our customers?

For all of our customers, we see ourselves as an extension of their team, like a part of their company. That customer relationship is critical for us, which is why we are constantly practicing transparency.

We remain transparent in how we quote things, build out programs, staff projects, and fulfill client needs. We wouldn’t be in business if not for our clients, that’s why we always emphasize giving them the best experience.

Though I’ve heard other companies boast about not having a priority list of clients, this mindset is actually the truth here. If we can't fully fund and support a project we won’t take it. That’s what allows us to treat them all equally.

As Resolution Medical is close to hitting a milestone of 150 full-time employees, why do you think it is important that employee fulfillment and a compelling culture are part of the future of the company?

Our company culture runs deeply throughout the entire organization. Part of the reason we've been able to attract the kind of high-level talent we have is due to referrals based on this great culture.

The ability to react and pivot is an important part of this. If there is a product that needs attention, our Associates rally around the project, even if that means taking time away from their own priorities. They will go the extra mile to deliver the best customer experience and products for our clients.

Are there any new company initiatives that are emerging alongside the new mission and vision statements?

Something new we are doing is putting a renewed emphasis on mentoring, professional development, and training initiatives. These activities are not new to Resolution Medical, but can get easily overlooked when things are busy.

The fulfillment and growth of our associates is critical to us as a company for many different reasons. We care about our team and want to lay out a path to encourage creative and professional growth. We also like to promote from within and recognize people that are doing a great job.

One reason that Co-Founders Steve Schmidt and Shawn Patterson began this company was in hopes of assembling a great group of medical device engineers in a fun environment and give everyone space to grow together. That idea means that we must invest in developing our team even further.

About Resolution Medical

Resolution Medical is a private medical device company with a 36,000-square-foot manufacturing and development facility in Minneapolis, Minn. focused on providing innovative business solutions to the medical device industry with the highest quality, reliability, customer service, and with the resolution to continuously improve life.

We are currently hiring passionate engineers to join our team. Please email for more info.

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