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Recognizing Outstanding Effort in Q1 2021

As Resolution Medical’s team is approaching 150 associates, employee recognition and company culture remain at the core of our organization.

As a part of our Employee of the Month program, we’d like to recognize these three associates, nominated by their colleagues, who helped guide our organization forward in Q1 2021 with creative problem solving, keen focus on customer needs, and outstanding attitudes.

In addition to peer recognition, recipients receive a premium parking spot for the month, visa gift card, Forgotten Star beer, lunch with CEO Dave Blaeser and a dilapidated but famous large chalice trophy that can be prominently displayed in the individual’s work space.

Here are the three team members who rose to the occasion in Q1 2021:

Angelina Vane, Product Development Engineer

Employee Of The Month, January 2021

Angelina Vane is a Product Development Engineer who has been recognized by her peers for her work ethic and attention to detail. She is a team player who goes above-and-beyond to drive strong results for our clients.

Gavin Putt, Production Supervisor

Employee Of The Month, February 2021

Production Supervisor Gavin Putt is a great communicator and supportive problem solver who consistently delivers exceptional results for our customers. He is being recognized for his dedication to clients and willingness to collaborate internally, even if that means jumping into an unfamiliar situation.

Todd Mohrland, Sr. Manufacturing Engineer

Employee Of The Month, March 2021

Todd is an experienced Senior Manufacturing Engineer with 20+ years of experience. In his role, he goes above and beyond producing and validating customer’s equipment and processes, while focusing on continuous improvement opportunities during commercial launches. We are recognizing him now for his bright ideas and great attitude.

About Resolution Medical

Resolution Medical is a private medical device company with a 36,000-square-foot manufacturing and development facility in Minneapolis, Minn. focused on providing innovative business solutions to the medical device industry with the highest quality, reliability, customer service, and with the resolution to continuously improve life.

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