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Strengthening Our Organization: Arcline Investment Management Acquires Resolution Medical

The future is bright for Resolution Medical. Last month, Arcline Investment Management announced its acquisition of the medical device company from co-founders Steve Schmidt and Shawn Patterson.

This influx of capital and expertise will cement Resolution Medical as a leading end-to-end contract development and manufacturing partner for medical device companies looking to accelerate their innovation pipelines.

To further enhance our leadership team, Luke Johnson, former CEO of GI Supply and senior commercial leader at Medtronic and Hill-Rom, will join Resolution Medical as Executive Chairman.

To celebrate this news, we interviewed Shawn Patterson, Steven Schmidt, and Luke Johnson on the impact of this acquisition.

From your viewpoint, what does the Arcline acquisition mean for the future of Resolution Medical?

Shawn Patterson: Arcline’s exciting investment in Resolution Medical will allow us to quickly grow into a leading global contract manufacturing and development company, while retaining our same amazing culture.

It means Resolution Medical will now have the resources and additional capabilities our teams and customers need to fuel our growth and better serve our customers. It means we’ll continue to even more deeply serve as an “Extension of our Customers” and help improve the lives of even more people around the world.

Luke Johnson: Simply stated, Arcline’s backing means Resolution Medical will be able to think bigger and move faster, and be an even more capable and more responsive partner to customers.

Steven Schmidt: Arcline’s investment means we’ll be able to pursue an aggressive acquisition strategy to diversify our company. As we grow, we will be able to increase our manufacturing capabilities and become a broader and deeper partner for our customers.

How will Arcline’s growth mindset and collaborative approach lead to tangible changes for Resolution Medical?

Steven Schmidt: The first thing will be putting strong, proven systems in place that will bring a lot of value to employees and customers. On the business side, Arcline is already providing significant acquisition, scouting, and operational expertise that we can pull in to enhance our organization.

Arcline has a very diversified team, so when we are going through M&A processes, they are able to do a lot of the heavy lifting in areas such as finance, insurance, legal, tax, etc.

How will this acquisition impact our customers and employees?

Shawn Patterson: The Arcline acquisition will help our customers in many ways. The financial backing will allow Resolution Medical to add significant new capabilities and facilities per our customers’ requests. We will do this through both investments in-house to vertically integrate and through acquisitions.

Arcline also has a dedicated team to help with hiring, talent development, HR systems, and career planning, and the strong focus on future growth and acquisitions will provide employees with many new growth opportunities in the future.

About Resolution Medical Resolution Medical is an end-to-end contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) focused on complex, rapidly growing medical technology segments, including structural heart, neuromodulation, heart failure, electrophysiology, oncology, and ENT. The Company's capabilities include device design, prototyping, regulatory support, system development, and commercial-scale manufacturing. Known for its rapid development timelines, highly experienced engineers, and deep clinical anatomical expertise, Resolution Medical is a partner to many of the world's leading medical device startups and multinational OEMs.

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